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What is Connecting Your Vision International ?

What is Connecting Your Vision International   (CYVI) is a full service church management and revival team.

Connecting Your Vision International (CYVI) exists to help christian organizations, church denominations, and local churches manage their organization more efficiently, increase membership and solidify financials by bringing structure, and administration.

This is done by taking " Your Vision" and putting a spiritual and business plan behind it.

Know Your Leaders

Know who your leaders are. Your leaders are at a higher standard, that's why they are leaders. In 6-7th chapters of the Book of ...

Is Your House in Order

We are what we speak. If you speak that "your church will be full"-- your church will be full. God wants HIS house in order...

Church Growth

The key element in growing a church is to go with the vision God has given you. Over the years, I have seen many so called ...


And [His gifts to the church were varied and] He Himself appointed some as apostles [special messengers, representatives]...

Ministry of Helps

“As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” ...

Tithes and Offerings

Dear Pastors and Leaders, during my travels over the years to preach in churches in various parts of the world...


Our Services


Connecting Your Vision International (CYVI)

is in over 40 churches and growing. God has gifted CYVI and Evangelist/Pastor Randy Hooper in preaching, teaching, soul winning and administration.

Holy Ghost meetings are held at night while doing administration at the church during the day.


Connecting Your Vision International assist in the uplifting of the Senior Pastor's hands by taking "Your Vision" and putting infrastructure behind your vision to make it happen, without compromising the the move of God. We believe in strong relationships, personal service, accountability and teamwork. We recognize the uniqueness of each pastor and view each relationship as a partnership. We believe in personal hands-on

meetings with the pastors, the organization, the leaders and the staff.


Many aspects of the church environment are business related. Therefore, for a church to be the best it can be, it needs to be ran with good business and spiritual principles. God expects and blesses good stewardship. Connecting Your Vision International goal is to assist churches in implementing better business practices by  utilizing current and cost effective business tools, knowledge and experience. This is the ministry God has equipped Connecting Your Vision International with to help build His Kingdom.

  • Holy Ghost Revival Meetings

  • Leadership meetings

  • Obtaining church loans

  • Preparing and reviewing legal contracts and documents

  • Utilizing your staff to it's best potential

  • Leadership assessment

  • Developing marketing plans for church growth

  • Assist in budgeting and financial analysis

  • Implement Ministry of Helps Programs

  • Promoting camp meetings and special events

  • Analyze your church operations

  • Real Estate contracts for buying new or refinancing existing locations

  • Web sites and streaming services

  • IT and networking solutions

  • Outreach groups

  • Products sales

  • Developing bible schools and learning centers

  • And much more

As with a puzzle CYVI brings   together “connecting” many    pieces – talents, abilities, ideas – within your church or organization to complete the puzzle or God´s plan for your ministry. Our churches have found that working with CYVI is an extraordinarily positive experience. Many churches consider CYV the missing pieces of their ministry.

If you want the evangelist RANDY HOOPER to come to your church and hold a meeting filled with the Holy Spirit for Revival contact Pastor Elvis Rojas at (386) 843-2298 or email Pastor Elvis at
Evangelist RANDY HOOPER has helped many churches and ministries to excel in the Kingdom for more than 19 years. For more information, contact.

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Utilizing a staff to their fullest potential

Ministry of helps programs

Website design and streaming services

Youth ministry growth and development

Leadership assessment

Analyze the church operations

Promoting camp meetings and special events

Church software programs

Budgeting and financial analysis

Developing marketing plans for church growth


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